Technical translations

Technical translations need accuracy as well as flawless knowledge of the required terminology, which nowadays is enriched constantly by dozens of new terms coming from the IT field. The translation of websites and software are of course at the top of the list. We all know well that an accurate translation of an application enables the user to understand its use, whereas a negligent or wrong faulty translation can induce numerous problems. Besides we have to remember that technology is constantly evolving and top companies with Google on the lead try to attract more users. In this framework they have developed a special designing and appearance policy which is based on the idea that users should understand directly and totally understanding the applications. Consequently a time-consuming site or application tend to fall behind compared to their more clarifying opponents. In other words, a wrong word in the title or the description could cost you a great part of your income.
The specialists at Alpha-Ermis keep in mind the policy of Google and always try to adhere to its basic requirements. The language elements have to be accurately translated with clear expressions that respect all grammatical qualities and the local phraseology. The translations of a website have to be clear as well as including words and word combinations that turn up first in a Google search. This means that the translator has to carry out the search himself before starting the translation.