Translation of essays & scientific articles

The provision of high quality translation services is of utmost importance to us in Alpha Ermis and we translate scientific articles, students’ essays (for the semester) as well as senior and honor’s thesis, taking into careful consideration the writing and formation rules.

These rules differ among countries and the translator often comes across not only terminology, but also tables, footnotes, abbreviations and many other details which unfortunately are not always dealt with with due attention.

The internal colleagues of the translation agency Μεταφράσεις / Translations Alpha Ermis, Θεσσαλονίκη, experienced in the translation of academic essays, scientific articles, monographs,  essay support material and conferences, provide specialized translation services, covering following fields of studies: economics, psychology,  education, history, sociology and IT.

Unarguable proof of our quality services is our collaboration with scientific and education institutions, museums but also independent researchers.

The translation agency Alpha Ermis provides professional translations in the healthcare domain.

Experienced translators with year-long experience in this field and specialized knowledge of medical terminology translate the medical texts you need