Our company

“Alpha-Ermis” is a new innovative company founded in Thessaloniki after a yearlong cooperation between a group of businessmen and professionals. Due to our deep affection for the language and the culture, our goal is to create a company that surpasses the borders of a classic translation agency and would serve its customers, by being a bridge that would connect countries and businesses, services and authorities, but first of all people from different parts of Europe.
Our company was thus founded and named after the Olympian god Hermes, the messenger who has the ability to help people in their transitions. Apart from our translation services we offer our customers, Greeks and visitors alike, all sorts of legal, notarial, organizational and informative support.
Our colleagues are professional translators, jurists and business advisors. Their work has made us in short time popular in Thessaloniki as well as Eastern Europe. We take pride in the friendly and long-lasting relations we forge with our customers.
Moreover we have decided to broaden our services range and become active in the cultural field. Therefore, we integrated in our business plans the support of students and the promotion of the Greek education, which continues to attract young people from all over the world.